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with brown paper bags and we are hearing a search warrant was served last night. no word on a mytive just yet. law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out who is responsib responsible. the national guard is on hand to secure the scene and the agencies are combing lou surveillance footage in hopes of bringing justice to state. >> we will find out who and why they did this any responsible individuals or groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> we could learn more about what the fbi ixi uncovered ovet that is expected today. >> we want to play for you some of the conversations that emergency officials were have i ing. >> this is 84, i need lanes open here. >> get everybody out of there. use caution. there might be possible additional devices. use caution. i need somebody up there to let people know what we are doing here. make sure it is safe hear and we will get it out of the box once we get it swept. >> you might have heard somebody mention a possible explosion at the library. i talked to someone there and they said there was a small fire at that library. >> google trying to help
will take place before 2,000 guests. >> overnight police searched apartment and were seen leaving with brown trash bags and a duffle bag. they did not provide other details. it is unclear whether this was in connection with the bombing detail. right now more than 100 people still in the hospital after the bombing. they are treating 126 patients in all. the death toll hasn't changed overnight. we spoke to some of the surgeons who operated the victims they are describing pour risk injuries. >> they are pretty brave. it is a terrible thing and most patients attitude is do what you have to do and try to make it better. >> one doctor said it looked more look a war zone. a lot of people went to help in the explosions. they ran into the chaos to try to help. >> two pbombs went off. we were picking them up and putting pressure on wounds and a lot of people were hurt. two soldiers ran over to massachusetts general to donate blood. cities across the globe are organizing security measured for their race on sunday. they are working with police to secure the route. japan is adding officers where large cr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2